Giant Jenga style Hi Tower

Giant Jenga style Hi Tower

Giant Hi Tower is a giant Jenga style game: it's a great game for all occasions! Most people have played Jenga but never one this big.

They are great for Evening Events or Family Fun Days. You can combine our Hi Tower )giant Jenga style game) with a whole host of other giant games including Giant Connect 4, Giant Downfall, Giant Twister, Giant Noughts and Crosses, Giant Dominoes, Giant Chess, Giant Draughts, Giant Pick up Sticks, etc.

We can run a complete Giant Games Evening where your guests are issued with Funny Money and play against each other on the giant Games. The winner is the person or team who accrues the most cash by the end of the evening!

If you want something that's not listed then let us know and we can probably source it for you

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