Team Driving Activities

Team Driving Activities

Team Driving Events and Corporate Driving Activities

A corporate driving day makes for an excellent team event or form of client entertainment. Phoenix Leisure can offer a selection of exciting Motorised Activities, as listed below. You can also add a choice of Field Sports Activities to your team driving event to make a Multi Activity Event package.

Phoenix Leisure can offer a choice of locations to host team driving events. London has a selection of venues within easy striking distance and we can arrange motorised activity days throughout the UK.

We recommend one activity per 6-8 participants and that you have a minimum of three activities. All participants are supplied with full safety wear. Shelter gazebos are erected whenever possible. Pit lanes and welcoming areas flagged off with bunting are also supplied.

A typical format will involve groups rotating around the driving activities spending about 40 minutes on each event. The teams are scored as they go round and Prizes may be awarded to the winning at the end of the event.

Corporate Driving Activities

Our most popular corporate driving events:

  • Honda Pilots

  • Off Road Buggies

  • Quad Bikes

  • Segways

  • Blindfold 4 x 4 Driving

  • Racing Lawnmowers

  • Max Cats

  • Powerturns

  • Hovercraft

  • Contact: Please call us on 07770 982290 to discuss your corporate driving event in further detail. Alternatively, send us an Email or fill out our online Enquiry Form with your requirements.

    Blindfold 4 x 4 Driving

    A true test of teamwork and communication- not advisable for couples! The blindfolded driver is instructed by a sighted passenger and a course has to be negotiated safely! The teams race against the clock with penalties being incurred for hitting any gates.

    Blindfold Driving can also be incorporated into one of our Team Building Packages as it makes an excellent communications exercise.

    Corporate Driving Events London
    Corporate Driving Day

    Quad Bikes

    Another of our most popular activities. These four-wheeled bikes can go anywhere and, like the Pilots, are fully automatic making them extremely easy to operate. No driving experience is necessary! Guests will face a challenging course, including the Limbo Pole

    Quad Biking is one of our most popular activities for Corporate Away Days.

    Racing Lwnmowers

    All thrills of the Race Track brought to you via the power of these high- tech lawnmowers! Our engineers have converted real mowers into exciting racing machines. Modifications include the fitting of a race seat and Formula 1 style steering wheel. Participants race against the clock and the Team Challenge can include the obligatory Pit Lane Tyre Change. This activity is hilarious fun but watch out for "Garden Rage"!

    Team Driving Event
    Team Driving Events London

    Honda Pilot Buggies

    These off-road buggies were originally designed for dune racing in America. They have a phenomenal rate of acceleration and the driver is fully protected by a complete roll cage. Despite their advanced design, pilots are simple to drive, with fully automatic hand operated controls. Guests race against the clock over a flagged course. The pilots can also be used for team building where the crew participate in a "Team Relay". Be warned, this is one of our most popular activities and you will enjoy yourself!

    4 x 4 Driving

    This obviously depends on the suitability of the venue used for the event. Where possible, a testing off-road course is set up. Under the watchful eye of our instructor, guests will attempt to negotiate this course with points being awarded for driving skill as well as speed.

    Corporate Driving Activities

    As well as our Driving Activities, Phoenix Leisure can also offer a wide range of Indoor Team Building and Outdoor team building activities to suit a variety of budgets. Please click here to reload this page or return to our Home Page for more team day out ideas.

    4 x 4 DrivingBlindfold Driving Team Building ActivityHonda Pilot Buggies
    Quad BikesRacing LawnmowersReverse Steer Land Rover

    You can also combine our Motorised Actvities and Field Sports Activities with some Team Building Exercises to make an exciting "Dash for Cash". This is one of our most popular Team Building Programmes!

    Price Structure: Please call, email or use our online enquiry form for prices.

    Packages include

    Landrover Treasure HuntDash For Cash Team Building EventPowerturn Off Road Buggies
    SegwaysHovercraft Rage Buggies Maxkats

    If you want something that's not listed then let us know and we can probably source it for you

    For more information call Phoenix Leisure on 07896 632390

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