Landrover Treasure Hunt

Landrover Treasure Hunt

These have also proved to be very popular recently and operate along similar lines to the Mission Impossible. Each Team is supplied with a vehicle and instructor (to ensure that they do not stray too far off course!) to help them complete their Top Secret Mission! The event often starts with an indoor Ice Breaker, such as Supertanker, to get the teams working together and interacting.

The teams have to follow a series of clues that will take them on a predetermined route, completing a set of Team Challenges on the way round.

Wherever possible, we include stops at points of Historical Interest and Natural Beauty, to make the route as interesting as possible.

Each team is issued with a Polaroid Camera and film. They have to take photographs on the way round, proving that they have visited certain places and completed all of the tasks.

At the end of the event, each team does a short presentation explaining their mission. It is up to them to make it as interesting and far fetched as possible using all of the props and photos that they have collected on their journey. Finally, all of them vote for the best "Story" to determine the winners.

A Landrover Treasure Hunt is a great event that combines team building with a fun day out. We even have one that goes to the Isle of Wight!

Druids MazeMinefieldSupertanker
Grenade LauncherRope SquareThe Virus
Treasure Hunt London

Price Structure: Up to 2 vehicles- 1500 + VAT, Up to three vehicles- 2000 + VAT, Up to four vehicles- 2500 + VAT, Up to five vehicles- 3000 + VAT, Up to six vehicles- 3500 + VAT.

An additional charge may be incurred on Landrover Treasure Hunts to cover any entrance fees.

If you want something that's not listed then let us know and we can probably source it for you

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