It's a Knockout

It's a Knockout

Corporate It's A Knockout Event | School Sports Day

The It's A Knockout games take place in a central arena which is surrounded by bunting and has an administration zone and tent at one end. At a small extra cost the teams participating in the Its A Knockout can be supplied with coloured bibs/T-shirts to identify them. The teams compete against each other for Funny Money and the team with the most cash at the end of the day is the winner!

The Its A Knockout races are fast and furious! The tournament can be split into three Zones where everyone can come and watch. A scoreboard is also provided and teams can play their Joker to earn extra cash!

Corporate It
Company It

The Company It's A Knockout Tournament can be split into two or three sections where everyone can come and watch. The Human Table Football Tournament can be ongoing throughout the event with a Grand Finale at the end. A scoreboard is also provided. Teams can also play their Joker once to earn double points.

An It's A Knockout team event is an excellent fun activity, ideal for an Office Party or Staff Fun Day.

It's A Knockout Zone A: Human Table Football Tournament:

This is a giant inflatable version of the popular pub game and is hilarious fun! Human players are attached by Velcro to plastic poles, which slide from side to side across a pitch with inflatable sides. Team sizes can range from 5 to 10 aside. Great fun for It's A Knockout events or as a stand alone activity- but beware of the referee! Players have been known to be given the Red Card for having scary hair or even a beard!

The teams will compete against each other in a round robin style tournament- cash will be awarded for goals scored and general footballing style!

Corporate It

It's A Knockout Zone B: Superstars Team Challenge!

This is a brand new event! Six teams will line up together and face a series of in line Team Challenges to determine the winners. The games call for strong teamwork and cooperation. Firstly the team must negotiate the tricky Spiders Web before tackling the crocodile infested Gorge! Once safely across the Gorge they will face their final team challenge- Blindfold Tent Erection! The first team to have two blindfolded members erect the tent and get safely inside are declared the overall winners!

Don't forget- all of the It's A Knockout Team Challenges are laid out in a line and the teams compete head to head so it is easy to see who is winning and who is losing!

Spiders Web:

Hidden in the trees is a giant bungy web. The whole team have to pass through it without touching the web and alerting the spider! This is a very popular task that involves the whole team working together.

Gorge Crossing:

Faced with an imaginary 200ft deep, crocodile infested gorge, the team have to get safely across using the equipment provided. This is hard enough but what if one of the team steps on an unseen mine and has to be stretched across?

Blindfold Tent Erection:

A brilliant game to finish with! The teams have to elect one male and one female member who are then blindfolded and led to a restricted area. Inside is a Tent and then the sighted members of the team have to issue instructions on how to erect it!

The final winners of the Superstars Team Challenge Zone are the team that get their two blindfolded members to put the tent up first and get in it!

Corporate It

Zone C: Corporate It's A Knockout Team Games!

A selection of quick fire knockout games that take place head to head. These include the following:

Game 1. Obstacle Skis - with three people on each pair the teams have to complete a course and hand over to the next three members of the team. Teamwork is essential!

Game 2. Wiggle - A quick fire game that demands teamwork and coordination. The teams form a circle holding hands and have an inner tube hanging over one pair of arms. The aim is to pass the tube around the circle without releasing each others hands- watch out for knots!

Game 3. Grenade Launcher! - Using the equipment provided, the teams have to construct an egg launcher. Not only do the teams have to fire the egg across into the target area but they also have to catch it to earn maximum points or cash! The team that gets it closest to the centre of the target zone earns the most money.

Game 4. Blindfold Obstacle Challenge! - You've all seen or heard of "One Man and His Dog?". Well this is like sheepdog handling except with people instead! The blindfolded members of the team have to be guided through the obstacle course collecting objects on the way through. Watch out for the Tunnel of Darkness!

Game 5. Caterpillar Tracks - Six members of each team stand inside the Caterpillar track (like a giant tank track) holding it above their heads. Several teams can compete at the same time, racing each other down a slalom course. The teams have to walk in unison or the inevitable fall will occur! Non participating members of the team can "coach" the others!

Other games can include the old favourites such as Welly Wanging and Egg'n'Spoon Racing!

Corporate It

The Corporate It's A Knockout Package is suitable for up to 180 participants and we suggest team sizes of 8- 10. For larger groups please contact us for a tailored proposal. We strongly recommend that an onsite Paramedic is booked for any larger events.

Blindfold TentCaterpillarGorge Crossing
Grenade LauncherHuman Table FootballObstacle Skis
Spiders Web

Mini It's A Knockout:

This is a smaller version of It's A Knockout and is suitable for smaller Fun Days. It consists of 2 x 45 minutes sessions open to any participants, during which time the other activities close down. Games will include Obstacle Skis, Blindfold Tent, Wiggle, Egg Launching, Caterpillar Racing and Blindfold Obstacle Challenge.

Price Structure: Please call, email or use our online enquiry form for prices.

If you want something that's not listed then let us know and we can probably source it for you

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