Fun Corporate Race Nights

Fun Corporate Race Nights

Corporate Fun Race Nights | Corporate Race Night

We bring all the excitement of a "Day at the Races" to your venue! This event is staffed by a professional Compere and experienced Tote staff. We use a large screen video projection system and high quality pa with horse racing video footage from various courses around the world including jump races, flat races and trotting races.

Guests are invited to place bets with Funny Money, which can also be personalised to your company, as can the Race Cards.

The Format for a Fun Race Night:

Corporate Race Nights are fundamentally different to Fund Raising race nights, with no real money involved and we operate a format based strongly on fun and entertainment. Teams are each issued with Funny Money that they can top up by answering "Horsey" Quiz Questions at various stages of the event! Beware- get the answer wrong and the Compere may well take money away from the team! To further add to the fun the odds for the Races are chosen by way of "volunteers" rolling some Giant Dice: two sixes and we pay 12/1, two ones and it will only be 2/1.

How it Works:

Phoenix Leisure staff arrive and set up equipment in plenty of time. When we are due to start the Compere and Tote sellers will introduce themselves to the guests before handing out the Funy Money and some humorous Race Cards.

The Race Cards contain instructions but the Compere will also verbally explain the format to the guests. Once the formalities are over the tote sellers will return to the tables and collect the bets! A member of the audience is invited to choose a race tape at random and another asked to roll the Dice. The odds are announced and the video begins- a short completely inaccurate (but fun) preview of the race follows before the race gets under way. Each race has a professional commentary and an on screen leader board

When the race finishes an on screen results board is shown and the Compere invites the winners to wave their winning tickets at the tote sellers who return to the tables, expose the cheats and pay out the real winners etc.

A typical Corporate Race Night has four or five races and lasts for around two hours.

At the end of the event the winners are announced and prizes can be awarded to the top scoring teams- with the losers getting the wooden spoons! Race Nights are just one of the many types of Fun Evening Entertainment that we can offer.

Price Structure: Please call, email or use our online enquiry form for prices.

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