Acropoli - Indoor Team Building Activity

Acropoli - Indoor Team Building Activity

Fun Indoor Team Building Activity: Acropoli

Acropoli is a fun Indoor Team Building Activity where the teams play head to head on a Giant board (approx 15ft x 15ft). The board is laid out in a similar style to Monopoly except for the fact that it is based on a series of Islands set within the Mediterranean (with names like Hairy Armpitopolos!). The idea is for each team to buy as many Islands as possible (just like in Monopoly). Once an Island has been purchased then the teams will also get the opportunity to build a Marina, a Taverna and a block of Apartments. Naturally, if another team land on your Island then they will have to pay mooring fees, stop for a meal and also accommodation costs! There is even the chance to buy a set of Donkeys and charge for rides on the beach!

Fun Indoor Team Building  Activity
Fun Indoor Teambuilding Game

Acropoli: How it works (indoors or outdoors)

Everything is paid for in cash that has to be earned by completing a series of short team tasks and fun team games! The teams compete head to head and there is an excellent element of fun competition. The Event commences with each Team building their own Mascot (out of pipe cleaners) to push round the board. There will also be some head to head fun Challenges giving everyone the chance to earn some cash before the games commences. Giant dice are used to play the game.

We can run this team building game outdoors as well as indoors

Instead of "Go to Jail" on one corner of the board is a Wheel of the Gods. If teams land on it they will be given the opportunity to gamble! Also, on some occasions teams will go head to head on an exercise with the winner taking all the cash! There is even the chance for the teams to compete for extra cash in a Greek Dancing competition! But you can also lose money if you land on the Kebab Van or Beach Towel Tax!

This fun indoor team building game is designed to be very fluid and flexible. It can last for a limitless amount of time and the winning team is simply the one with the most cash at the end of the day! It is great for teambuilding (there may be some negotiation between teams to swap islands and borrow money!) as well as great fun for the whole office- an excellent staff bonding activity.

Fun Indoor Team Activity

Price Structure: Please call, email or use our online enquiry form for prices. Our two other most popular indoor team building activities are the Indoor Office Olympics and our brand new Old Masters game. For information on more Team Building Packages please visit our main Team Building page or return to our Home Page.


We are fully mobile and can provide this brilliant indoor team building activity in London and many other city centre venues. We have even taken it over the channel to run it for clients in Europe!

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As well as Acropoli we have two other excellent Indoor Team Building Packages: our fun team based Indoor Office Olympics and our new Old Masters Activity. This is a highly creative activity that gives the team a unique piece of art to take away at the end of the event!

Price Structure: Please call, email or use our online enquiry form for prices.

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